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Do you experience excessive wet areas around your home or property after long periods of rain? Excessive wet areas around your home can often be resolved with an ag line drainage solution.

What is a drainage agline?

An agline (also called an agricultural line or agricultural drainage) is a drainage system that is designed to manage excess water in the soil.  It ensures the yard or garden dries out quickly, reducing soggy soil and waterlogging, maintain healthy grass or garden beds, and enhancing soil aeration.

On rural properties, an agline drainage system can be used to control the water table and prevent water accumulation.  This helps optimise crop growing conditions, improve root development and reduce the risk of water-related crop disease.

The specific design and installation requirements of a drainage agline may vary depending on soil type, topography, climate and the specific needs of the client.  We can assist in the proper design and installation of an effective drainage system on your residential or rural property.

How does an agline drainage system work?

Perforated Pipe: The primary component of a drainage ag line is a perforated, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. This is perforated with small holes or slots along its length which allow water to enter the pipe from the surrounding soil.

Gravel or Aggregate: The perforated pipe is typically installed in a trench filled with gravel or aggregate. This gravel provides a stable base for the pipe, promotes water flow and prevents soil from clogging the perforations.

Slope or Gradient: The agline must be installed with a slight slope to allow water to flow naturally through the perforated pipe and away from the saturated area. The slope is typically determined based on the soil conditions and the desired drainage capacity.

Outlet or Discharge Point: The agline pipe is connected to an outlet or discharge point, which can be a drainage ditch, pond, stream or other suitable location where the excess water can safely exit the system. It is crucial to ensure that the discharge point does not cause erosion or negatively impact the environment.

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