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Fast hot water heater repairs Maitland.

We were contacted by a Maitland customer recently whose gas hot water system had stopped producing hot water. As a local Maitland hot water specialist, Danny was onsite at the property within the hour.

Hot water is an essential part of everyday life in all households and we understand the inconvenience caused when you have no hot water.

Limeburners Plumbing Maitland will quickly repair your hot water system. We offer an emergency hot water heater repair and replacement service and are available 24/7.

Whether you need your gas pilot re-lit or need a hot water heater replacement, we are only too happy to help.

Prevent hot water heater breakdown

To prevent hot water heater breakdown and ensure optimum performance, Danny recommends that all valves on your hot water system be replaced every 5 years. Contact Danny for a free quote on hot water heater valve replacement service.  Call Danny on 0451 734 739.


Types of hot water systems.

There are many options for hot water heating and one of our friendly plumbers will recommend the best system for you and give you a set, upfront cost. Limeburners Plumbing will remove your old system and can also convert your hot water from electricity to natural gas or move your inside electric tank outside, creating extra cupboard space. We work efficiently and clean up as we go, so you can enjoy your new hot water quickly.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

Electric tanks have a high energy consumption as heat your entire tank of water and maintain this heat for 24 hours. When it’s time for a new hot water system, Limeburners Plumbing can replace your electric tank quickly and easily. If you choose to install another electric tank, Danny recommends getting one with a 10 to 12 year cylinder warranty.

Solar Hot Water System

A solar hot water system collects the sun’s rays through panels on your roof to heat the water in your tank. This is a great way to reduce your gas or electricity bill and your impact on the environment. A back up electric or gas heating unit is used you so you never will be without hot water, which is helpful periods of little sunshine. Government rebates are available to reduce the cost of installation.

Natural Gas Hot Water Systems

Natural gas instantaneous hot water systems ensure you never run out of hot water. They are efficient and save you money as they only heat your water when you turn your tap on. They take up little space, compared to your electric tank, a gas system is not much bigger than a briefcase. Whether you have a large family, or like your shower extra hot, having an instantaneous system and endless hot water is a great choice.

Solar Heat Pump Hot Water

A heat pump is a storage tank that collects heat from the air and uses it to heat water. This is an extremely effective way of reducing your electricity bill. Tanks come with a backup electric heating system in the event of an extremely cold day so you are never inconvenienced with no hot water. Government rebates are also available, reducing the cost of installation. An excellent hot water choice and environmentally friendly as it uses only a small comparative amount of energy, saving you money over the lifetime of the tank.

Get in Touch

Contact Danny Wasley, your local Maitland licensed plumber, for all your hot water system repairs and replacement service. Based in Maitland, Danny services the Hunter ValleyDungogPort Stephens, Raymond Terrace and Newcastle areas. We’re available 7 days and offer emergency, after hours assistance.

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